About Us

We are here to service your technology needs!

We specialize in fast reliable service, top level understanding of technology and how it works, and the absolute best customer service and satisfaction.

  • Same day or next day service
  • No fix, no charge policy
  • Smart device install capable
  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority
  • Remote Support ready
  • Professional JavaScript development services
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Why Choose Us

You won't find any better team in the Coachella Valley

Our group of IT Professionals and Software Devs, will work with you on a level that you are comfortable with to accomplish any of your Technology needs in a timely manner, at which you are satisfied with.

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    We Make Sure You Are Secured

    Our team provides all of the resources to make sure that all of your tech is safe from outside incursions!

  • 02

    Support When you Need it, How you Need it

    We are dedicated to making sure that your issues get taken care of! We travel to you, physically or remotely to take care of whatever tech needs you may have.

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    Customer Satisfaction isn't an after thought, its a Priority

    We take our people skills seriously, making sure that every client feels comfortable working with us and able to understand everything that is going on!

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    Professional JavaScript Services

    Need a Computer Programmer? We have the ability to design and create custom applications for just about any business scenario.

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    Continued Support

    We will make sure that your devices get the long term care they need to keep them working at peak performance longer.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Our services actually land slightly below industry standard in most categories and are competitive across the board.


Our Professional Services For You

Here are some of the services we offer to you and your home or business!

Anti-Virus & Network Security Setup

In today's digital environment security is more important than ever. We help you setup the security needed to keep yourself and your computer safe from online threats.

Cable Install & Management

We run high quality CAT ethernet cables from your networking hub to the locations where you need them so that your devices can have a secure connection to the Web.

Cloud & Local Backup Services

We Setup the infrastructure needed to store your data safely in the cloud or via NAS in your office space or home.

Computer Diagnostic, Clean-Up, & Repair

Computers require regular maintenance in order to perform at peak levels. We will take care of the maintenance needed in order to have your PC as best as possible.

Remote Access & Management

In times when an in-person visit isn't possible, we are able to assist you remotely and we are also able to monitor the health of your devices for the long-term making mitigating issues as they arise.

Server Install & Administration

We specialize in File, Exchange, and Active Directory, Server Setup, which forms the backbone of most businesses' digital organization and productivity.

Smart Home Install & Configuration

We install everything from smart home security systems and smart thermostats, to smart TVs and music systems, if it is Connected Home, we will install it for you and get your IOT devices working the way that they should!

Web & Application Development Services

Is your business website old and outdated missing all of the newest up to date features? Or possibly your internal workflow is missing that one application that would skyrocket your productivity? We will update the way your company interacts with the digital world internally or externally, either by configuring and setup of existing apps or creation of whole new apps and workflows!

WiFi & LAN Networking Services

Need fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi setup for your team and clients? We have you covered with easy to manage, affordable, Wi-Fi solutions that cover a wide range of applications and will get your mobile devices online fast!